Be a Heretic

n. /ˈherəˌtik/
A person holding an opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.

We’re an alcohol company challenging the very ideals of alcohol.

A cloak and dagger industry disguised by 8 major conglomorates owning 96% of spirits on the shelf today. Together, they’ve hijacked the world’s oldest social ritual, serving up synthetic flavors, artifical sweetners, too much alcohol, and nasty hangovers.

This extreme lack of transparency from corporate liquor has left many of us feeling guilty and disconnected from pleasure.

A better way to drink.

We believe alcohol should be held to the same standards as anything else we put in our body.

Red Saint low-proof cocktails are mindfully crafted with premium spirits, all natural ingredients, gluten free and low in sugar. Thoughtfully blended from plant-based extracts and real fruit puree, Red Saint is an unparalleled cocktail refreshment crafted with transparency and pleasure in-mind.

Take your pleasure seriously.

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. Today though, it seems to live well is an act of herecy. And to that, we say: be a heretic.