Elevate Your Spirit

Refreshing, low-proof cocktails from all natural ingredients for a better today and tomorrow.

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  • Low Calorie

  • Real Fruit

  • Low Proof

  • Pure Botanicals

  • Low Sugar

Original Vanilla

South African rooibos, smooth vanilla bean.

For the purist at heart. Wild African rooibos thoughtfully blended with pure vanilla bean for a smooth, light and unparalleled refreshment.

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Strawberry Basil

South African rooibos, ripe strawberry, fresh mint, herbal basil.

Wild African rooibos paired with ripe strawberry, fresh mint and herbal basil, evoking flavors, and aromas reminiscent of a lush hedonistic summer garden.

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Peach Ginger

South African rooibos, mouth-watering peach, sharp ginger.

Wild African rooibos thoughtfully paired with ripe summer peach and tangy ginger spice for an expressively aromatic and juicy refreshment.

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Variety 12-Pack

Original Vanilla, Strawberry Basil, Peach Ginger

Find pleasure in diversity with our variety collection, featuring three of our signature Red Saint flavors.

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An experiment in wild alchemy

We source rooibos (“roy-boss”) from the high mountains of Southern Africa, a rare botanical endemic to the nutrient-rich soils of the ancient Cederberg Mountain range.

Hand harvested by the indegenious Khoisan people — a culture rooted in the very origin of humanity itself — rooibos, is a rare and revered herbal remedy rich in antioxidants.

It is this magical combination of people, planet, and tradition that bring our spirits to life.